Kamen Rider Kabuto / DX TheBee Zector Used (2)

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Kamen Rider Kabuto / DX TheBee Zector Used (2)

Price(US$): US$44.99(tax incl.)

Weight: 350g

Not available

Item description


Name: DX TheBee Zector
Item Series: DX Toy
Kamen Rider Series: Kabuto
Item Status: Used. Missing pacakge and description paper.
Sold by: Japanese Bandai
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100% Genuine

Condition Grade4(VG+)
Item Conditon Notes

Has Some Damages such as Scratches, Paints Come Off.

Light and Sounds are Fine.

Condition Grade

5.Near Mint(NM)

-Unopene/Not have any damage.-

4.Very Good+(VG+)

-Has light damages.-

3.Very Good(VG)

-Not serious damage.-

2.Very Good-(VG-)

-Has Many Damages. Motion such as Light, Sound is Fine-


-Near junk condition.-

0.Poor or fair(PF)


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All items we sell are USED items, so they have some damages such as scratches. Before I list it, I check item status such as Sound, Light and so on. However, we are not able to gurantee, if item will not be worked, after you received because it needs long time for international shipping. Also, this is USED and OLD one even it's unopened, so it's not perfect condition. Even if item is worked, before shipping, it may be broken sometimes. If it won't work by any reasons, we can't accept returning or refunding or preparing new one. If you have any question, please feel free to ask me before you purhcase it.

Item Status

USED Used. Missing package and description paper.