If you have item request, please comment. (We don't guarantee that we'll stock your request one.)

Ultra Medals By Ken # 559

Hi. Would it be possible for you to restock more Ultraman Z medals? Particularly Ace Killer and Eleking. Thank you!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 561

There're rare ones even in Japan. How much can you pay for each?

Re No title By Ken # 564

I can pay about $15 for each

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 594

I had restocked Eleking and Ace Killer medals. If you're still interested in, please check it


DX SaintKaiser By Sentai # 590

Hi, is it possible to look for a DX SaintKaiser as I would like to purchase one with a budget of US$200.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 592

Is before shipping or include shipping?

Re DX SaintKaiser By Sentai # 593

Before shipping but willing to pay more

Photobook By Tom Meehan # 589

Hello Taka.

I was wondering if you will be stocking anymore Photobooks soon? If so, could you stock Akaso Eiji First Photobook "A", please?


Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 591

Photo book is little hard to find but ok will try

Zero one driver belt stopper By ibearbrick # 523

Hi taka, do you think you can get your hands on some zero one driver belt stopper, mine snap even tho i just leave it in a box on display(-_-)

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 527

Only belt stopper is not easy. So I can try but I don't guarantee that I can stock. How about it?

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 588

I thin it's too late but I got belt stopper for Zero-One Driver. If you're still interested in, please check it.

WCF Kamen Rider Zangetsu By dean # 581

Hi, I am looking for the WCF Vol 19 Kamen Rider Zangetsu Melon Arms figure.

Would you be able to find it if possible?

Thank you very much.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 585

How much can you pay for it before shipping?

Re No title By Dean # 587

Hi, I can pay $25-$30 before shipping.


Wizard rings By Kasper # 582

Hello Taka!
Do you by any chances have the large wizard ring parts? I have a couple of rings but the don't fit me so I was wondering if you had the bigger size ones?

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 583

It's alreay in stock :)

Re Wizard rings By Kacper # 586


Mashin Sentai Kiramager Yu-Do X2 - Galza (Garza) figure. By Stephen Garza # 580

Hello, sir.

This is probably a long shot as no one seems to get candy toys, but is there anyway to get aMashin Sentai Kiramager Yu-Do X2 - Galza (Garza) figure? They supposedly came out at the end of last month, but I can only find cases on sale if anything.

Thank you for your time and have a great week.


Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 584

If you give me a time, I can try to search it

Gaim By Used sengoku driver # 579

Hi, do you have any used sengoku drivers for cheap? It can come with or without lockseeds

Ranger Key Set Metal Hero Edition By Anthony # 572

Hi Taka,

The other day I saw that you had posted a picture of a couple of ranger key sets. I was wondering if you're going to list the ranger key metal hero edition set? Please let me know. Thank you.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 573

It's just empty package because I'm listing keys one by one. If you want I can try to search and stock it for you. How much can you pay for it before shipping?

Re New! Re: By Anthony # 574

If you have the complete set, I don't mind if you list each key individually. Just as long as they are in good condition.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 575

Ok. I'm already listing keys which I have. Please check it. Thank you.

Re New! Re: By Anthony # 576

So the only four you have from that set are: Sharivan Ranger Key, Jaspion Ranger Key, Sol Braver Ranger Key Super Rescue Solbrain & Blue Swat Ranger Key?

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 577

Jiban, BeeFighter Kabuto, Janperson, Draft
Redder as well
I'm listing every in my store. If it's sold out, i' don't have as I wrote in description

Re New! Re: By Anthony # 578

Ok. I'd rather buy all the complete set together then having to buy each one individually. I'll keep a eye out if you are able to get the complete set. Thank you so much Taka. I really appreciate it :)

CS Gaia Memory Light and Dark By Seth # 563


Would it be possible to find the Complete Selection Gaia Memory Light and Darkness of Futo Joker Memory (Kamen Rider Joker version) as well as the T1 (Red Flare) Eternal Memory from the same set? I can't find good pictures of either, so sorry.

I have a budget of about $40-$50 USD each. Though can go slightly higher if necessary. Thank you so much!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 568

It's really expensive recentely, so I think I can't stock it in your want price. Sorry about it

Re No title By Seth # 571

Darn, thank you for letting me know then.

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