If you have item request, please comment. (We don't guarantee that we'll stock your request one.)

gashapon hibiki By Tyler Ferguson # 175

Hello! If you could find a gashapon hibiki ride watch to put in stock sometime, I would appreciate that. The watch being metallic would be nice, but it's not essential. Hope that you're having a good week so far :)

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 176

Hello! Thank you for your comment. I think I can stock. Will try to search it.

Re No title By Tyler Ferguson # 177

Thank you!

Kamen Rider Decade card By Trezion # 156

I got a used Decadriver from a convention and was hoping if you ever found anymore Decade transformation cards. I have some of him becoming other riders but not one of himself.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 159

You mean Kame Ride Card Decade?

Re No title By trezion # 173

yes this one right here for the DX Decadriver

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 174

I got one of it. How about this one?

grand zi-o ride watch By Alex # 162

hi, taka just wondering if you can get a boxed or sealed grand zi-o ride watch, and can you tell me how much it would cost

Re Re: By KTJ Owener Taka # 164

it's hard to find recently, so how much can you pay for it?

Re Zi-o grand ride watch By Alex # 171

Hi. Very sorry for the late reply, I can pay around 100 dollars before shipping, I know it might take awhile to find at this price but I can wait, apologies again for the late reply

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 172

I had listed it today. It's my best price now.

Red OOO Gashapon Ring By Johnathan Marrero # 166

Hi Taka-san, ive been looking for this red OOO ring for awhile now but ive had no luck,seems almost impossible so no pressure if you cant find it either, I can pay $25-35 before shipping come this friday!

Re No title By Anonymous # 167

Sorry, forgot to add the picture!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 168

You mean this mean?

Re No title By Johnathan Marrero # 169

Yes that one exactly!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 170

Ok. Will try to search!

Item Request By Felix Ellis # 158

Would you consider stocking Kamen Rider Ghost / GCS 11 Ghost Grateful Damashii.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 161

If you want, I can try to stock it. Price is US$45 before shipping. It's sealed one. Please consider.

Fourze Belt Stopper Part? By PupPancakes # 157

Hi there, I was wondering if you had the belt stopper part for a Fourze Driver? I bought mine used and it never came with it. I'm not sure if I can get it now, but I was inquiring about it. Thanks!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 160

Ok. Will try to search it

Kamen Rider Zero One Corned Beef Hoodie By Samtaro # 154 URL

Would it be possible to pre-order the Zero One Corned Beef hoodie through you? It can be found here:


Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 155

If you want I can. Price is US$160 + shipping.

Time Jet Loose By AmienZero # 149

I think this request is going to be hard for you taka-san but if you can find it, i'll be forever grateful. Can you find time jet 2, time jet 3 and time jet 5? i've already found time jet 1 and time jet 4. thanks taka-san.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 150

How much can you pay for each before shipping?

Re Time Jet Loose By amienzero # 151

i've seen on ebay someone sells time jet blue for USD17 before shipping. so i think i'll go at that price. USD 15- USD 18? the only reason i didn't buy it on ebay is because the seller doesn't ship to Malaysia.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 152

That price is difficult for me. I think you better to contact that ebay seller.

Re Timejet Loose By AmienZero # 153

Okay taka-san. I'll try. Thanks.

Hyakujyu Sentai Gaoranger / DX Gao Icarus By Quy Ho # 147

Hi, I am looking for the brand new Hyakujyu Sentai Gaoranger / DX Gao Icarus
Please let me know when you find it
Thank you

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 148

I think it's impossible. Gao Icarus is so hard to find even in used or missing packages. I've never seen sealed of it's, so I think I can't find.

DX Taiga Keyholder By Jimmy Crescenzo # 139

I’m looking for a loose Taiga key holder. Weirdly enough, I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 141

You mean only holder exclude Taiga Accessory and packages?

Re No title By Jimmy Crescenzo # 142

Yeah, just the key holder.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 145

Only key holder is hard to find. I think I can see but not reasonable. So I recommend you to buy Taiga Spark set

Re No title By Jimmy Crescenzo # 146

I see. I appreciate you trying anyway. Thanks!

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