If you have item request, please comment. (We don't guarantee that we'll stock your request one.)

New! Zero-One Figure accessories parts. By Ryou # 474 URL

I have been seeing these all over the internet and am interested very much. Do you mind to stock these please? I will leave a link to the video of it.

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 476

I don't understand what item you mean

RKF ark zero set? By Max # 473

Hello! I just wanted to ask since it came out recently, will you be selling the RKF ark zero set by any chance?

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 475

Hello. Sorry I don't have a plan to stock anymore RKF series now

Tora Origami By Randy Canales Ochoa # 471

Hi, I'm looking for a Tora Origami from Shinkenger. In a box is preferred but out of box is fine if it's in good quality.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 472

Ok. Will try to search

CSM - Original Cyclone By Lachlan # 466

Hi there,
I bought a CSM W Driver but my Cyclone memory is acting funny.

Could you try and find a singular CSM Cyclone memory? I will be happy to buy many things from you

Re CSM - Original Cyclone By Lachlan # 467

Otherwise I will just buy dx and swap insides :) look forward to hearing from you as Im about to do an order

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 468

Sorry for late reply. I've never seen only CSM Cycolone memory, so I think it's not easy and I can't say I can get or not. Sorry about it

Re CSM - Original Cyclone By Lachlan # 470

Thats okay mate! I will just buy DX :) I will be ordering next week, keen to order :D

Ridewatches By Anonymous # 463

Hi, I am looking for a skull and zolda ridewatches, for the Skull ridewatch I will pay 15USD and the Zolda ridewatch for 60USD

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 464

Ok. Will try to search

Re No title By Anonymous # 465

no longer looking for the zolda ridewatch only the skull ridewatch for 15usd

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 469

Ok. But if I already get and stock, you can't cancel it. Please understand. Will try to search Skull

Kamen Rider By Juan Espíritu # 452

Hi, I'm looking for the next items not pre-owned:
DX Cyclone Riser
Belt Extension: For Transformation Belt DX Series (Silver Ver.)

I want to know an estimation of prices please.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 453

Extension belt is already in stock
About Cyclone Riser, please tell your budget. If you tell me it, I can consider that I can stock or not.

Re DX Cyclone Riser By Juan Espíritu # 458

The budget that I have for the DX Cyclone Riser it is 120 USD

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 460

Ok. Will try to search it

Re Progrise Key By Juan Espíritu # 462

Sounds good. Also if you can search for the Progrise Key DX Gatling Hedgehog and DX Exciting Stag it would be perfect, both in new condition please.

Half Boiling Joker Progrise Key By Tim # 455

Hey Taka, can you keep an eye out for the Half Boiling Joker Progrise Key? I'm looking to get one to add to my Double collection. Whatever price you think is fair is fine by me.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 456

I might stock it soon. Price might be US$45 before shipping. How about it? Please consider

Re No title By Anonymous # 457

Sounds good to me Taka. Looking forward to it.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 459

Hello again. I had stocked Joker Progrise Key today. If you're still interested in it, please check it.

Re No title By Tim # 461

Thanks so much, I just bought it! Hope EMS starts up soon, I'm looking for to getting it!

Transform Belt DX Hiden Zero One Driver & Zero Two Progrise Key & Zero Two Driver Unit By EiP # 449

Hi I was wondering if you were planning on stocking the Zero-One Driver and Zero-Two Driver Set. Here's the product link in case you don't know what I mean https://toy.bandai.co.jp/series/rider/item/detail/11431/

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 451

Of course will stock it as usual

Metallic Robot Fullbottle By Dylan # 188

Hi, if you were able to get a metallic Robot Fullbottle, do you have an estimation of what the cost would be? I might be interested. Thank you!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 190

My last price of it US$19.99 https://www.kotetsu-toys-japan.jp/product/9385 So I think might be around US$15~20

Re Metallic fullbottles By Dylan # 447

So sorry for never replying, when things open back up after corona, I'd be interested if you could find the metallic robot fullbottle, as well as the bat and cobra ones. I would also be interested in the Build Progrise key and Ridewatch, in or out of box. This time I promise to make a fast reply instead of taking a few months

Re Re By Dylan # 448

Sorry, actually forget about the build progrise key

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 450

Ok. Will try to stock these for you

Chibi Nuigurumi Kamen Rider Build By Grace C. # 444

Hi Taka,

Any hope for restocking KR Build nuigurumi? I would love one!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 445

Restocked it now. How about this one?

Re No title By Grace C. # 446

Yay, thank you! I will order now :D

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