If you have item request, please comment. (We don't guarantee that we'll stock your request one.)

Woz Miride Watch By Rico Martin # 39 URL

Need an new one after my old one broke. Would be super grateful

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 40

Ok. Will try to search it.

Decade driver 20th edition. By Charlie # 33

Been trying to find any type of decade driver seems sold out everywhere else except on some sites.
Hoping for the best but if there are none, thanks anyway and sorry to take your time.
Kind regards.

Re Thank you for your request By Taka # 34

If you're ok with DX Decadriver 20h ver, I can stock it for you. Price will be US$99.99 + shipping. Please consider.

Re No title By Charlie # 35

Yes of course i am! i would be really greatful if you could!

Re No title By Taka # 36

Ok. Will stock it soon. I might need 2 or 3 days for stock it. Please wait

Re No title By Charlie # 37

I will be hanging on till then!
Thank you so much!

Re Your request one had been stocked By Taka # 38

I stocked your request item DX Decadriver ver.20th. When you ready, please order from following page.

Energy Item and Energy Item Chronicle By Mata_Nui13 # 29

I'm looking for these Energy Items and the new Energy Item Chronicle, Image of the specific ones I'm looking for supplied. I hope you can find some of them, if not than that's fine.

Re No title By KTJ Owner Taka # 30

Ok. Will try to search.

Re No title By Mata_Nui13 # 32

Note about the image: It will be updated as needed

Kamen Rider Ryuki / Ouja / Knight Card Decks and Advent Cards By Anonymous # 28

I've been looking for one of these decks but it seems they are not being sold separately, hoping I could find one here.

Re No title By KTJ Owner Taka # 31

Will try to search.

Kyuranger Nuigurumi (Plush) By chaceRider # 26

Specifically, I've been looking for the Naga plush for a long time, but I guess it must be rare... Is it rare? Or is it just that nobody thinks there will be interest, so it doesn't get stocked? Stinger seems hard to find too, come to think of it... I just want Naga, though. :')

Re No title By KTJ Owner Taka # 27

I found once but it's so expensive and hard to find even in Japan. Will try to search it.

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