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DX Mecha By Sentai # 654

Hi, is it possible to look for the following mecha:

DekaRanger: Blast Buggy & DekaBase Robo
GekiRanger: RinLion & RinChameleon
GoBusters: LT-06
Kyoryuger: Zyudenryu Tobaspino
Ninninger: Otomonin Paonmaru & Otomonin Dinomaru & Otomonin Lion Ha-ojo
Kyuranger: Orion Battler
Kiramager: Mashin Carry

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 660

Could you tell me your budget for each ones?

Re New! DX Mecha By Sentai # 663

How much would it be for you to list as I would like to purchase it at a acceptable price

Gaisorg Hunt By Ralf Camacho # 656

Hello, if possible can you find any mint or loose gaisorg products, I would like loose if possible. These products would be better:

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Soft Vinyl Gaisorg
Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger / Ryusoulger Swing Key Chain Gaisorg
Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger / Gaisouken
Gaisorg YU-DO Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Figure

Thank you

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 662

I can try to look for but only Yu-Do is really hard because any kind of candy toy is not easy to find. Is it ok?

sentai changer By nathan king # 655

do you think you can find a gourai changer from hurricanger?

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 661

I can try and might stock it again in the future but I don't know when, if it's ok for you

Timeranger V-Commander By Tyeson Dang # 653

Hi Taka,

Was hoping that the V-Commander from Timeranger would be restocked, please :)

Re New! Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 659

I can try but only it is really hard to find. So I don't guarantee that I can stock it or not. Please understand it.

Gashats By Murat # 641

Hello Taka

I hope your having a good day. I was wondering if it’s possible to find DX versions of both Tokimeki Crisis and Gekitosu Robots Gashats. They don’t have to be brand new/sealed, used is find. Thank you for your time and hard work.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 645

Ok! Will try to stock! I'm wondering do you need outer box or not?

Re No title By Murat Alekic # 652

No, the box isn’t really needed. I am fine with out it. Thanks again for your hard work.

CSM Steal Vent By Michael # 651

Hello Taka this is a bit of a random one so I don't know if it's very realistic but I'm looking for a single CSM Steal Vent card.

Abbad Riser By Gareth # 649

hey Taka! do you think you could get another Abbad Riser in stock? i planned on getting on monday but someone cleverly snatched it up before i could! i'd really appreciate it!

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 650

It had been restocked now :)

decade x hello kitty collection By Naomi # 642

Hi Taka! I'm simply wondering if you're considering potentially stocking up on the upcoming decade x hello kitty collection, and if so, could I request that you keep an eye out on the tote bag and the plushies. It's totally fine if you're not! Thanks.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 647

I have a plan to stock it but it's really popular one, so can't guarantee that I can stock it. Is it ok?

Re decade x hello kitty By Naomi # 648

That's totally fine by me!

DX Refrigerator Full Bottle By Sage Favinger # 640

Hi Taka, I saw you had the dx spider full bottle for purchase. Is there any way you can find the matching dx refrigerator full bottle? I'm also trying to find the dx hedgehog and dx fire engine full bottle set.

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 644

I'm trying to restock it again, so might stock in the future :)

Re No title By Sage Favinger # 646

Thank you, I will keep checking :)

Ryusoulger Yu-do By Ethan # 639

Hello Taka,

Are you able to find a full set of Ryusoulger Yu-do #1?

Re Re: By KTJ Owner Taka # 643

Any kind of candy toy is not easy to find so can't guarantee but will try to look for

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