[We can help your collection work.]
New rules added from 9/20/2018
-We got so many cancel order for request items, so items search request is only for Gold Rank member. If you're New customer or Silver Rank or you haven't joined KTJ club member, we won't be able to accept search request.
We can help you to search Kamen Rider toys in Japan.
I know there are many many kind of Japanese Tokusatsu items and some of items are very hard to find only internet such as ebay, amazon. 
Can we help your collection work?
We can try to find Japanese Tokusatu items for you.
[  How can I request?  ]
-Please send us a e-mail. It is the easiest way to request.
Our email is kotetsutoysjapan@luna-fantasia.com
When you send request mail, please write these.
title: Item search request
- Item name, your maximum price EXLUCDE shipping for request item in US$
- Please write your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
- If you have some SNS account such as twitter, facebook, please write it too, if you can.
- Want item condition (sealed, used but clean face, used and ok with some damages such as scratches...etc), need or not packages and description paper. If you need pacakge, which condition you want.
If you have Twitter or Facebook account. You can request by these.
[ Can you accept any questions? ]
We can accept questions if you want to buy from our shop.
However, we can't accept your personally questions such as
[ Is this toy appear? ]
[ I found it in Japanese web shop or Japanese Yahoo auction, can you buy it for me? ]
[ Can you ask to this shop about my questions? ]
[ Do you know where I can buy this item? ]
 [ What is the cheapet price of my want item? ]
[ Do you know where I can request that serach toy in the other shop like you? ]
-I can't. Please do by yourself. We won't reply about these kind of questions or requests.
[  Do I need a deposit?  ]
-No. You don't need deposit. You just need item price + shipping charge, after we find item.
[  How long will it take you to find item?  ]
-We can't say exact time for find item. If it's rare and hard to find or you need excellent condition one, we need much time for search and find. Sometimes, we need a year or more. In addition, if your maximum price is low, we need more and more time.
If you can't wait or in no time or have another way to get it, we don't recommend you to use this service. 
[ Will you find items definitely? ]
We can't guarantee that we can find your want items definitely especially old ones.
Old items are not easy to find even in Japan especially clean face or sealed.
If you're in no time, you better to ask another shop.
[  After you find item, how can I buy it?  ]
-After we find item(s), we'll make item page and will inform you about item price and shipping charge. You can choose shipping way between Air Mail with Registered or EMS. If total weight is over 2000g, you can choose EMS way only.
After you receive our message, please reply as soon as you possible and order from item page.
Payments method is Paypal only.
[  Can I cancel order, after I request item(s)? I find my request item in another shop...  ]
If we don't start to search item, you can cancel request.
If we already start to search item but not find item, you can cancel request. 
If we already find item, you can't cancel.
If you don't reply message, after we find request item(s) and send you a message. You can't buy any items form our shop and I will inform about it to our friends shop.
Please be careful about it.
[  If I cancel request after you get stuff(s), will I get some penalties?]
Yes. If you do that, we add you to our Black List and we don't accept any requests, questions and order from you.
[  Can you preorder Premium Bandai stuffs?]
Yes. We can accept it only for Silver or Gold Member.
If you are new customer or Normal Member, sorry, we can't accpet preorder.
[ Can you reserve new items? ]
We can accept reserve, if you are Silver or Gold Member. 
If you are new customer or Normal Member, sorry we can't accept.
[ Can you discount? ]
No. We can't accept any discount offer.
However, if you are regular customer, we might accept discount offer sometimes.
[ If you don't reply anything several days, after I send you an message. ]
I'll send 2nd message to you and if you ignore it again, you'll be in our black list. And then you'll be in our black list.
Please understand and agree with every rules, when you send us item search request.
I hope to deal with you in the future.