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About COVID-19, please read following page Shopping Guideline
If you're black list customer, your message will delete automatically and we won't reply anything.
We won't reply these kind of message
- I have a question about paypay payments.
A. Please contact to paypal.

- Is this included in this product?
A. Please check photos in item page. I will ship what is included in photos.

- Could you try to look for this toys?
- Do you have this?
A. We don't accept any items looking for now. And if it's not in store or sold out, I don't have it in our stock.

- Can I purchase this item? Is it in stock?
A. If you can add it into cart, you can purchase. If it's sold out, it's out of stock now.

- How much shipping?
A. If you want to know, please inform us where to ship and which item you want to purchase.

- Which shipping way is the cheapest?
A. Please select [ The cheapest and fastest way(I'll leave it up to store about shipping way) ] After I receive order from you, I'll select the best shipping way for you.

- Where can I buy it because it's sold out/not in your shop?
- Do you know where a store where can fix my toys?
A. We don't know.

- Could you contact to this shop? Because I'd like to buy it from that shop but I don't know Japanese
A. Not accept.

- When it'll be restocked?
- It's sold out. Do you have any more stock?
A. If it's sold out, it means we don't have it in stock. When we find, we'll restock, so we don't know when I stock.

- When it'll be released?
- Is this item existed?
A. Please search by yourself.

- What is your best price of it?
A. Everything is our best price.

- Could you discount?
- Could you accept free shipping?
A. Not accept.
Please make sure your email address is correct. If we need to send paypal invoice, we'll use this mail address.
Our reply may be sorted into the spam folder.