[We will ship to Worldwide]
I have to use your paypal name, address and phone number.
We can ship to Worldwide and will use Japanese Post Office way only.
Our shipping method is
Air Mail with Registered
[About 7~10 days]
[About 5~7 days]
[About 4 weeks to 8 weeks]
If weight of total is over 2000g or total size of package is over 90cm, shipping way is EMS only.
These shipping days is just an estimate days. You might need more shipping days sometimes becasue of some reasons. The commonest cause is post office. In this case, please contact to post office in your country at the first with Tracking Number directely. Almost all cases will be resolved by your action.
We can't guarantee shipping days. If you want to know more details, please contact to post office.
In addition, some country doesn't accept SAL or EMS, so if your country doesn't accept SAL or EMS, you can't use and select these, when you order. If your country doesn't accept EMS, you can't order over 90cm package size or over 2kg item. If you'd like to order, please contact to us before you order.
Your package might get another tracking number after package is arrived at your country.
!----To all customers from Canada----!
Recent delivery in Canada is delayed because of Canadian Post office so we recommend you to select EMS and don't recommend Air Mail with registered. Canadian post office might need about 2 months or more to delivery package by Air Mail with Registered sometimes. If you won't receive package, please keep to contact Canadian post office. After you contact to them, please contact to us. We can contact to Japanese post office and start to search where your package is.(Japanese post office needs about 2 to 3 months or more). HOWEVER, we can't guarantee that we can find your missing package. After package is dispatched from Japan, your country's post office or delivery company has resposibility of your package.
If package will be lost, we can't do anything more. AND CAN'T REFUND OR RESEND NEW ONES BECAUSE IT'S NOT OUR FOULT.
Please understand everything. If you don't understand it, please DO NOT ORDER FROM US.
I will ship out package 1 to 3 busness days after I receive order. Our business days don't include Saturday, Sunday and Japanese holiday.

[ How to Check Shipping Charge ]
Step 1 : Check item weight in item description.
Step 2 : Go to Here 
Step 3 : Select your country
Step 4 : Select shipping way
And then shipping charge will be appeared.
[ How to Combine Shipping ]
If you'd like to buy more than 2 items, we can combine your items in 1 pacakge.
Please select your want combine way
1. When you select shipping way, please select [If you want to combine, please select this. We'll send invoice.]. After I receive your order, I'll send invoice.
2. If you're in no time, please select [Air Mail with Registered] or [EMS] and pay all shipping charge at the first. After I receive order and payments, I'll refund your over paid money for shipping. If your shipping charge isn't enought, I'll inform you again.
Shipping charge in shopping cart when you order more than 2 items and you didn't select [If you order more than 2 items or want to combine, select here. We'll send invoice.] will be include all shipping charges.
For exapmle, your order is [ Orange Lockseed ] and [ Banana Lockseed ], you'll see [ US$18(US$9x2 Lockseed) ] in shipping information page but real shipping charge is [ US$12 ], In this case, if you over paid for shipping charge, I'll refund your over paid money. If you worry to pay too much shipping charge, please select [ If you order more than 2 items or want to combine, select here. We'll send invoice. ]
[ About Cancel and RETURN ]
We'll wait 5 days after we got order from you.
If you don't pay after 5 days, your order will be canceled automatically and I won't be able to accept any orders, requests and questions from you again.
So when you order, please be considering and check order details carefully before complete your order.
Also, we can't accept any return by any reasons.
If you already pay something but want to cancel order, I'll take some refund fee from your payments(it's about US$0.5~US$1.)
[ If item(s) is broken, when I receive pacakge. ]
Before I ship it out, I checked items gimmicks, so we won't ship broken item. However, it might be broken between shipping sometimes. In this case, please claim up to post office by YOURSELF. Shipping accidents or problems is because of post office, not our mistake.
Especially Unopened or New items, I can't check condition and gimmicks, so I don't guarantee anything about it.
SO PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM UP TO US, after you order.
If you don't agree with our rules and understand everything, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from us.
[ I had ordered item(s) but I found cheaper one than your shop. Can I cancel my order?]
Not accept. If you'll cancel order, you'll be in our block list.
[I had canceled last time but I'd like to order from you again. Can you accept?]
Please contact us from inquiries page. If I get permission from owner, we can accept your order.
[ Frequently Asked Questions ]
If you have these kind of questions,
[ I haven't receive my package, what should I do? ]
[ How many days do I need to receive package? ]
[ I'd like to know where my package is. ]
[ My package is still in custom or somewhere for 10 days. What should I do? ]
[ My package status won't comes up in Japanese post office page. ]
-Please contact to post office in your country. Japanese post office can't get and show some countries post office date such as Australia, Canada.
If you have any qusetion, please feel free to ask me by email.
Our email address is kotetsutoysjapan@luna-fantasia.com .
I hope to see you again in the future.
[ About Coupon ]
We send coupons sometimes by mail magazine or SNS.
Coupons are only available when you're ordering. It can't be used after you order.