[----Item Status Guideline----]
Item status in Kotetsu Toy's Japan is 2 types.
These are [Used] and [Unopened].
---------------About Used---------------
Our used condition grade is 6 phases. 
Condition Grade

5.Near Mint(NM)

-Unopene/Not have any damage.-

4.Very Good+(VG+)

-Clean Face or has light damages such as minor scratches.-

3.Very Good(VG)

-Not serious damage.-

2.Very Good-(VG-)

-Has Many Damages. Motion such as Light, Sound is Fine-


-Near junk condition.-

0.Poor or fair(PF)


Before we list items in Kotetsu Toy's Japan web, we checked item condition carefully again and again, however, used items has some damages on it such as scratches, paintings so almost all used items is not in perfect condition. 
If we wrote 4(VG+)(Has Some Damages) or (Has Some Light Damages) in item description, that item does not have serious damages. Sounds and Light gimmicks are no problem.
Accessaries of some items may be missing sometimes.
For example, item is DX Genesis Driver and items status is [Used / Missing pacakge, DX Melon Energy Lock Seed.] In this case, DX Melon Energy Lock Seed and pacakge does not included.
If some accessaries or parts is missing, we wrote it in item status section.
All items we sell are USED items, so they have some damages such as scratches. Before I list it, I check item status such as Sound, Light and so on. However, we are not able to gurantee, if item will not be worked, after you received because it needs long time for international shipping. Also, this is USED and OLD one even it's unopened, so it's not perfect condition. Even if item is worked, before shipping, it may be broken sometimes. If it won't work by any reasons after you receive item, we can't accept returning or refunding or preparing new one. Please understand Used item situation. If you have any question, please feel free to ask me before you purhcase it.
[ If item(s) is broken, when I receive pacakge. What should I do?]
Before I ship it out, I checked items gimmicks, so we won't ship broken item. However, it might be broken between shipping sometimes. In this case, please claim up to post office by YOURSELF. Shipping accidents or problems is because of post office, not our mistake. We don't guarantee any problems and accidents after I ship out package. Since it is a used item, I do not know when it will be broken. Please understand that it's second hand goods and purchase after understanding about it. 
If you don't agree with our rules and understand about USED, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM US.
---------------About Unopened---------------
If item condition is 5(NM)(Unopened).
No one opened outer or inner package. In this case, we can't check item condition and gimmicks such as Sounds and Light, before we ship it out. In addition, some items has battery from the beginning such as Lock Seed, Gaia Memory, so the battery may leaked sometimes.
We can't guarantee everything about item status. Please understand it, before you purchase.
If you can't agree with these and can't understand, please DO NOT purchase.
Almost all status of GANBARIDE and GANBARAZING cards is [Used 4(VG+)] and [Junk 1~0(G~PF)].
Image and description in each item page is about [Used
 4(VG+), not [Junk 1~0(G~PF)]. So if you choose [Junk 1~0(G~PF)], you will receive worse condition than images.
--------------About Used 4(VG+)-------------
This card status is Clean Face or Has Light damages such as white birm. It looks Excellent or Very Good condition. It's good for collection.
If you are cellector, we recommend you to choose this status.
--------------About Junk 1~0(PF)-------------
This card status is not good. It has some damages such as dent, scratch, water damage, break.
If you don't care about condition, we recommend you to choose this status. This status is not good for collection but it's cheaper than Used 4(VG+).
If you want to check item condition, please feel free to ask me before you purchase. Our email is kotetsutoysjapan@luna-fantasia.com . We can check item condition.