[----Item Status Guideline----]
---------------About Used---------------
Our used condition grade is 6 phases. 
Condition Grade

5.Near Mint(NM)

-Unopene/Not have any damage.-

4.Very Good+(VG+)

-Clean Face or has light damages such as minor scratches.-

3.Very Good(VG)

-Not serious damage.-

2.Very Good-(VG-)

-Has Many Damages. Motion such as Light, Sound is Fine-


-Near junk condition.-

0.Poor or fair(PF)


Before we list items, we checked conditions and gimmicks, however, used items might have some damages such as scratches.
Sounds and Light gimmicks are no problem.
If some accessaries or parts is missing, we wrote it in description.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask me before you purhcase it.
[ If item(s) is broken, when I receive pacakge. What should I do?]
Item might be broken between shipping sometimes.
In this case, please contact to post office in your country by yourself. Every accidents or problems between shipping is because of post office, not us. We don't guarantee any problems and accidents after package had been left from Japan.
---------------About Unopened---------------
If item condition is 5(NM)(Unopened).
No one opened outer or inner packages.
In this case, we can't check item conditions and gimmicks., before we ship it out. In addition, some items has battery from the beginning such as Lock Seed, Gaia Memory, so the battery may leaked sometimes.
So we can't guarantee about selaed item gimmicks.
If you want to more details about item condition, please contact us before you purchase.