Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger / Ranger Key Anniversary Heroes and KingOhger Set Memorial Edition with Package

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Weight: 1200g

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Item Description

Item Line: Ranger Keys
Includes: Kuwagata Ohger Ranger Key / Tonbo Ohger Ranger Key / Kamakiri Ohger Ranger Key / Papillion Ohger Ranger Key / Hachi Ohger Ranger Key / OhKuwagata Ohger Ranger Key / Spider Kumonos Ranger Key / Abared Ranger Key / Abare Blue Ranger Key / Abare Yellow Ranger Key / Abare Black Ranger Key / Abare Killer Ranger Key / Ryu Ranger Key / Shishi Ranger Key / Tenma Ranger key / Kirin Ranger Key / Houou Ranger Key / Kiba Ranger Key / Dyna Red Ranger Key / Dyna Blue Ranger Key / Dyna Yellow Ranger Key / Dyna Pink Ranger Key / Dyna Black Ranger Key / Kyoryu Red Ranger key / Kyoryu Blue Ranger Key / Kyoryu Green Ranger Key / Kyoryu Black Ranger key / Kyoryu Pink Ranger Key / Kyoryu Gold Ranger Key / Kyoryu Silver Ranger Key / Kyoryu Cyan (Ramirez) Ranger Key / Kyoryu Cyan Yuko) Ranger Key / Kyoryu Gray Ranger Key / Kyoryu Violet (Doctor) Ranger Key / Kyoryu Violet (Yayoi) Ranger Key / Kyoryu Silver Ranger Key
Series: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Character Name: Gokai Red / Chaptain Marvelous / Gokai Belu / Joe Gibuken / Gokai Yellow / Luka Millfy / Gokai Green / Don Dogoier / Gokai Pink / Ahim de Famille / Gokai Silver / Gai Ikari
Brand: Japanese Bandai

Item Condition Grade

USED Condition Grade: 4(VG+) Clean Face except Minor Scratches. Outer Package has Some Damages.
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